What is a Crestron Home system? Crestron’s new OS

Crestron Home

Crestron Home System is the newest smart home innovation from Crestron. Crestron Home System builds on years of being a market leader in the custom home automation industry and harnesses all the benefits of its custom automation hardware and software to build a sleek home automation system that is easy and intuitive to use.

It has its ecosystems consisting of the Crestron smart lighting system, Crestron blinds, curtains and shades, Crestron audio and video distribution systems, and Crestron HVAC controls. For user interaction, you can connect to the Crestron Home system using an IOS or Android device. You can also interact with Crestron Home from a host of dedicated Crestron touchscreen wall panels and handheld remote controls.

What can Crestron do?

Crestron can be configured to control entire facilities and entertainment at in a home:

  • Security
  • Blinds and curtains
  • Lighting control
  • Heating control
  • Whole home music
  • Video distribution

Crestron Home control of Building Management Systems (BMS)


Crestron works with state-of-the-art security partners to integrate all aspects of your home security with the Crestron system giving you a single pane of glass view of the state of your door locks, door entry system, and intercoms, CCTV systems, gates, and garage door control.

Blinds and curtains

It can be set up to control your blinds and curtains these can be Crestron’s range of blinds and curtains or from other market leaders such as Silent Gliss, NICE. The beauty of using Crestron Home to control these is, that regardless of the system used you have one interface to view it all whether you are at home or away, on your mobile, tablet, or using a Crestron wall-mounted

Lighting controls

Crestron has its ultramodern lighting control system, the advantage of using Crestron lighting in a Crestron or Crestron home system is the lifetime guarantee given by Crestron for its lighting. However, Crestron Home System works seamlessly with other market-leading lighting control systems such as Lutron, Rako lighting systems, and KNX lighting systems amongst others.


Heating and cooling control

Control of heating and cooling systems via Crestron Home or Crestron is seamless. Crestron has invested in building relationships with best-of-breed HVAC manufacturers to ensure cooling systems, air conditioning, and Heating systems are compatible and easily controlled giving the homeowner a simple interface to interact with climate control at home. It also gives power to the homeowner to schedule the system to their requirements without the need to call in a technician.

Crestron home entertainment

A Crestron Home system easily fills the entire home music. Music can be taken outdoors for entertainment with friends and family or listened to privately while soaking in the bath. Music from your favourite streaming sources such as Tidal, and Spotify are catered for, but Crestron Home has not left out old-school music sources such as vinyl and DJ booths which can be connected to the system and digitally shared across the whole home. TV sources such as satellite boxes and streamers are easily watched from any TV anywhere in the home with Crestron Home ultramodern video distribution system.

Is Crestron expensive?

Crestron Home is at the top tier of home automation systems compared to its peers however when you look at the quality of its products, the lifetime warranty on most of its products like its lighting system, blinds, and shade motors, it works out a worthy investment over time and can be argued to be on par price wise with other professionally installed smart home systems.

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