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St Margaret’s Crestron smart home upgrade and system rescue 

After being disappointed by the after-install service and maintenance offered by his earlier AV installer, we were called to take over support and upgrade the existing Crestron, Rako and AV system in this lovely home in St Margaret’s close to Twickenham.
We conducted a site inspection and found the following issues: 
System Updates: The installed Crestron system needed physical and software updates, after consultation with the client, it was decided that a full hardware upgrade to the latest version of Crestron Home OS would be the way forward. As certified Crestron Home installers, we installed and configured a new Crestron processor and Crestron handheld remotes for the rooms with TVs.
Network and wifi: the existing network switches were not up to the job. The wifi was carried using wifi boosters. We rectified the networking issues by installing an Araknis switch and Araknis managed switches. For wifi coverage, we installed Araknis wireless access points. This gave complete wifi coverage of all floors of the home.
Smart Lighting System: A Rako lighting system had been installed by the earlier company, but they did not completely harness the integration power of Rako with Crestron, so the homeowner was left to use 2 separate apps one for lighting and the other for music and TV control. We corrected that by installing a Rako hub and integrating it with Crestron Home, so the Client was able to control his lighting from the Crestron Home application on his phone and tablets, He was also able to control it from the Crestron wall panel. 
TV Control: The TV was not connected properly with the 4k Video matrix and will frequently loss connection to the Virgin HD boxes in the basement there was also control issue, The home owner also had to use the Crestron app to control the TV and the Virgin remote for the TiVo box, we reconfigured the matrix setting and TV settings so it was fully controlled by one Crestron Handheld controller. 
Music Control: This homeowner had a large collection of Music files that exceeded the capability of the earlier installed music system, we catalogued all the music files, installed them in a NAS and streamed them to all rooms. So multiroom audio was also fixed. 
Support: We now carry out support for our happy client and carry out pre-emptive upgrades to ensure the user enjoys all new software enhancements when they are available.

Rescue Services

Thanks to our years of experience, supporting and installing smart home systems, we have come to learn that no one home automation project is like the other. Homeowners have varying needs. Therefore, our work always starts with a sit-down with you. We strive to understand your unique requirements to source products from audio visual that are tailored to you. Our team will ask a series of questions to understand what you 

Why Work with Us

Most clients in St Margaret’s and Twickenham, UK choose us because they can always count on prompt responses and excellent support services during and after our smart home automation services. What’s more, we are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, and we only work with certified installers and dealers. If you are embarking on a home automation project, Smart home upgrade or need your smart home rescued in Hampton, St Margaret’s or Twickenham, we would love to hear from you.
 Let us be the team that brings your smart home back to life. 

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