Six reasons why you need a support contract for your smart home

Smart home expert Steve Itoje explains why you need ongoing support.

So, you’re now living in a smart home. With the help of an expert partner like Link It Solutions, you have upgraded your living space and are now surrounded by the very latest in security, video and audio installations. 
However, that does not mean you never need to think about your smart systems ever again. 
Look at it this way. If you bought a high-performance car, you would get it serviced annually. You would understand that, to keep it running at its absolute peak, a car needs a regular check-up by an experienced mechanic. 
Even a petrol lawnmower needs its oil and filter changed once a year. 
The same principle applies to the complex combination of systems that have been seamlessly installed in your home. These are all driven by hardware and software solutions that are regularly updated by their manufacturers. 
Waiting for those updates and having your system updated only when they are published is a false economy. Apart from anything else, what if you miss the news of an update?
The only way to be sure your smart home systems are all working as well as they should is to arrange a maintenance and support contract that includes an annual service.
There are six good reasons why you should make such an arrangement:

1. Wear and tear 

Elements of your system, such as the hard drives of your CCTV system, will begin to perform less optimally over time. It is unrealistic to think the same piece of kit you installed right at the start is going to give the same level of service year after year. 

2. Security vulnerabilities 

If you are still running old operating systems, the chance that a hacker could find a way in becomes slightly greater as the years go by. The only way to be insulated against such a risk is to be sure you are running the most recent systems.

3. Bug fixes

You know from your smart phone that apps are constantly being checked and revised by their developers to make sure small issues and inconsistencies do not compromise the quality of their service. The same principle applies to the software driving your smart home. 

4. Performance improvements

Similarly, the software your home uses is constantly being upgraded to make sure it delivers a genuinely cutting-edge, state-of-the-art standard of service. Only by employing the services of an expert can you be sure that your home is benefiting from those upgrades.

5. New features

Quite apart from software upgrades, there may be improvements coming down the line from the suppliers providing your equipment and connectivity. You can be sure you take advantage of these enhancements by having a regular check-up, during which they will be implemented. 

6. Compatibility with other devices

If your home features appliances that can be upgraded separately to your smart systems, the communication between them may be less than ideal if your installations have not kept pace. The only way to be sure all your technology is working smoothly together is by having your system serviced regularly. 

Smart homes deliver a high quality of living by bringing you the very best in technological advances. But the speed of tech development is unrelenting – and you really need to keep pace with it. 
That’s why, at Link It Solutions, we strongly recommend taking out a service contract to make sure your smart systems keep working as well today as they did when you first had them installed. 
Please speak to us today to find out more. 

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