Media Rooms

media room

Transform your living room to a cinema at the touch of a button .

Media rooms are rooms that have a large TV or projector and surround sound, however, you may not want a fully blown dedicated cinema room, but you want a room to watch TV in with a large screen or projector, when this room is not being used for movies, it could just be a room to relax in.
At Link It Solutions, we can build a multi-purpose room with a large TV for everyday normal TV viewing and a projector with a large screen for those evenings when you want to cosy up with family and friend to watch sports or a movie. And when it’s not movie night, the screen and projector are secreted away out of sight!

For ultimate control we can add smart lighting, smart blinds and a single touchscreen remote so movie nights are a button press away or you could even say Alexa start movie! We can supply the tech and atmosphere what you watch is up to you…

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