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Maida Vale smart home design and installation  service

Link It Solutions was recommended to the owners of a luxurious Maida Vale home by an architect working on its renovation. 
The Maida Vale home owners wanted a comprehensive smart solution, and our team worked closely with them and their architect to understand their requirements. 
Our solution and design met all their expectations. Their home was seamlessly brought together by an Elan home automation solution that allowed them to control every aspect of their smart home through remote controls, tablets, or phones.  

Smart Lighting / Automated Lighting 

Lighting is key to setting the ambience of a home, as well as highlighting its features and pieces of art. Our team collaborated closely with the architect, interior designers and home owners to create an intuitive lighting control system. 
Flexibility was a key consideration, so we chose Rako lighting controls. We installed 16 lighting zones that comprised 32 circuits, five LED controllers and 11 smart switches to ensure just the right lighting of internal and external areas. 
The lights could also be controlled through smart wall panels, remote controls, tablets and phones. The owners could even switch their lights on and off from overseas.

Video Distribution

We installed Smart TVs in the living room and master bedroom, as well as infrastructure wiring for future TV access in all other rooms.
The TVs used built-in ceiling speakers and wall-mounted speakers, and were hard-wired for Internet access. This meant the built-in smart applications on the smart TVs did not rely on Wi-Fi.

Audio Distribution

Multi-room music is provided by a combination of a digital music streamer and a multi-zone amplifier, using built-in ceiling speakers and wall-mounted speakers. 
Six zones had access to music from Spotify, Apple music and worldwide radio stations.

Smart Heating Controls

The heating system, controlled by thermostats and remote probes, enabled seamless monitoring and control of the temperature of every zone in the house through the Elan interface on remote controls, tablets or phones. 
This means the owners could set heating preferences in each room in the home.


This was an important consideration for the owners. So we installed a comprehensive alarm, motion and CCTV system.
While the system was robust, it was also easy to operate from home and while away. Door and gate entry was controlled by 2N IP Solo Intercom Systems, allowing the homeowner to control access via their smart home interface or through their mobile device. 

Network and Wi-Fi

Working from home is now essential, so ensuring adequate Wi-Fi coverage throughout the property was a key requirement for the homeowners.  
We strategically wired and installed Wi-fi access points around the home, as well as network ports for bandwidth-hungry applications such as video conferencing calls. Powerful firewalls were installed to ensure network security

Rescue Services

Thanks to our years of experience, supporting and installing smart home systems, we have come to learn that no one home automation project is like the other. Homeowners have varying needs. Therefore, our work always starts with a sit-down with you. We strive to understand your unique requirements to source products from audio visual that are tailored to you. Our team will ask a series of questions to understand what you.

Why Work with Us

Most clients in Maida Vale and St Johns Wood , UK choose us because they can always count on prompt responses and excellent support services during and after our smart home automation services. What’s more, we are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, and we only work with certified installers and dealers. If you are embarking on a home automation project, Smart home upgrade or need your smart home rescued in Little Venice, Maida Vale and St Johns Wood, we would love to hear from you.
 Let us be the team that brings your smart home back to life. 

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