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When the owners of this beautiful Ickenham home , decided to carry out a sympathetic renovation, they wanted to add the benefits of a non-intrusive smart installation.
Link It Solutions was invited to help because we had carried out a similar project in not too far away Iver.
We worked closely with the owners to understand their requirements as they created a modern four-bedroom home that also featured four bathrooms and two reception rooms. 
We designed and delivered a bespoke solution that delivered the benefits of a smart home while remaining true to the style of the cottage. Our solution was created with the future in mind, enabling easy additions and upgrades in future. 

Video Distribution

We installed an ultra-high-definition matrix to ensure the reliable, easy distribution of 4K video and CCTV images to the five TV screens around the house. 
Pictures could be accessed at the touch of a button through hand-held remotes or a wall-mounted touch-screen panel. Our system ensured independent access to any of the three Sky boxes and CCTV cameras to all screens at any time. 

Audio Distribution / Multi Room Music 

The home owners wanted access to digital radio stations for music and news all over the world. We delivered this by installing a four-zone music system that allowed easy access across the house and garden. 
By installing a streaming music server and a four-zone multi-room amplifier, we ensured each zone had its own independent source choice and volume control. Audio from the TVs was also routed though built-in speakers.

Security / CCTV and Alarm 

To ensure the home owners’ peace of mind, we installed a Lilin IP-based CCTV system with cameras covering the entire perimeter of the property. This was connected to a Lilin NVR, integrated and controlled by Elan. 
Like all features offered by Elan, CCTV is available through its application. It is also available on all TVs and accessed by a single button press on hand-held remotes. 
We also installed a Texecom alarm system. This was integrated with the Elan system to allow the homeowner to control the system either through the Elan interface or by selecting one of the home and away modes in the system. 

 Elan Smart home Control System 

The home owner wanted to be able to interact easily with the systems and features we installed. We provided Elan hand-held remote controls to control the Sky, CCTV, music and smart TV features in all rooms. 
In the open plan kitchen and dining room at the heart of the home, we installed an Elan ITP8 wall mounted touchscreen for convenience. This was configured to give access to security and entertainment systems in the home.


Network and Wi-Fi

A stable, reliable network system was required to ensure the entire Elan system operated smoothly. 
We installed an enterprise-grade firewall to shield the home from Internet threats, and configured a VPN to ensure secure access to the CCTV system. 
Thanks to a controller-based Wi-Fi network system and strategically placed Wi-Fi access points, the owners could enjoy seamless coverage across all three floors of their home and garden.

Rescue Services

Thanks to our years of experience, supporting and installing smart home systems, we have come to learn that no one home automation project is like the other. Homeowners have varying needs. Therefore, our work always starts with a sit-down with you. We strive to understand your unique requirements to source products from audio visual that are tailored to you. Our team will ask a series of questions to understand what you.

Why Work with Us

Most clients in Ickenham, Iver and Marlow, UK choose us because they can always count on prompt responses and excellent support services during and after our smart home automation services. What’s more, we are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, and we only work with certified installers and dealers. If you are embarking on a home automation project, Smart home upgrade or need your smart home rescued in  Ickenham, Iver or Marlow, UK, we would love to hear from you.
 Let us be the team that brings your smart home back to life. 

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