Subterranean Smart Home Ealing 

Link It Solutions was invited to install a bespoke smart home in newly built family home in Ealing. 
After consultation with the homeowner, we designed a smart home to ensure we meet the clients home automation expectations in the following areas.
Requirement 1: Wifi, boosters installed throughout the property. To give good wifi coverage, we installed Araknis wifi access points in strategic locations through out the property giving secure and strong wifi coverage in the house and gardens.
Requirement 2: Smart Home Controls. We installed an Elan Smart home system, with smart touch screens in the Hallway, Basement and Kitchen. We also installed smart remote controls and smart apps for control via apple and android phones.
Requirement 3: Good Security with CCTV, gate control and door entry.
We installed a 2N door entry system because the homeowner’s old Ring doorbell was not up to the job. The homeowner is now able to answer and open their gates for deliveries when not at home. They can speak to people at the gate from any of the smart touch screens installed in the house.
Link It Solutions installed Elan CCTV system with smart cameras analytics and night vision throughout the property. All CCTV cameras configured for remote from the view of live and archived images. We also installed a smart integrated alarm system 
Requirement 4: Music throughout the house. The homeowners wanted music throughout the house and gardens, they also wanted the sound from the TV to come out via the installed ceiling speakers. We designed an easy-to-use multiroom music system which could play the same music or 4 different sounds in 8 rooms.
Music controlled by smart touchscreens (smart wall panels) or via the users’ phones
Requirement 5: Private Cinema Room 
 We Installed a dedicated cinema room with Dolby Atmos sound, a 4K projector and a 136” fixed projector screen with inwall speakers and subwoofers.
Requirement 6: Using Mobile phone in Basement
All the bedrooms and the cinema room in this home were in the basement, also being in the middle of Ealing London, there was extremely poor mobile signal.  
To mitigate the poor mobile signal, we installed a mobile phone signal booster with an antenna on the roof of the home and the receiver in the basement.

Custom Services

Thanks to our years of experience, we have come to learn that no one home automation project is like the other. Homeowners have varying needs. Therefore, our work always starts with a sit-down with you. We strive to understand your unique requirements to source products from audio visual that are tailored to you. Our team will ask a series of questions to understand what you 

Why Work with Us

Most clients in London, UK choose us because they can always count on prompt responses and excellent support services during and after our smart home automation services. What’s more, we are members of the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, and we only work with certified installers and dealers. If you are embarking on a home automation project, we would love to hear from you. Let us be the team that brings your vision to life. 

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