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April 2024

F&P brand experience centre London

Fisher & Paykel, renowned for their innovative home appliances, tasked us with a unique challenge for their new London experience centre.

They sought a solution that wasn’t just technologically advanced but also embodied the brand’s ethos: intuitive, flexible, and robust. The system needed to enhance the visitor experience, adapting to various events and environmental shifts seamlessly while ensuring ease of reset to default settings. An essential component was the ability to display marketing videos effectively and facilitate laptop presentations through display screens. 

The result is a bespoke, cutting-edge smart integrated solution that perfectly mirrors Fisher & Paykel’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer experience.

The London experience centre now boasts an intuitive, flexible, and robust system that not only enhances the visitor experience but also serves as a testament to Fisher & Paykel’s brand ethos. Through sophisticated technology and expert integration, we have created an environment where visitors can immerse themselves in the innovation that drives Fisher & Paykel forward.

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